Hi. We are Clearly. We sell prescription glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. And we’re changing the face of eyewear.

We started in Canada in 2000, founded by our CEO, Roger Hardy. Roger had discovered the mark-ups that were being made in eyewear and saw an exciting opportunity to completely shake things up.

Roger knew that, by starting completely from scratch, he could create an eyewear company that would question stuffy industry conventions and cut out unnecessary and hidden costs. He knew he could change the way the world shops and pays for eyewear. Forever.

This vision, along with a passion for service and a world-beating range of frames and contacts, has transformed us from a one-man operation in Vancouver into the largest online eyewear company in the world … and now into the fastest growing eyewear company in Australia.

If you haven’t tried us out, why not see if we live up to Roger’s vision? Check us out here on the website or drop into our amazing new store at 330 George Street, Sydney (just near the Ivy).

At Clearly, we have an unbeatable selection of glasses, sunnies and contact lenses. With thousands of frames and hundreds of great brands, you will always find the right glasses or the right contact lenses for you.

And our unique online model means we can offer both quality and fashion, at prices considerably lower than you would expect from a traditional eyewear store.

Also, our amazing Try Before You Buy option means you cannot make a mistake! When you receive your prescription glasses or contact lenses, you have up to a month to wear them and try them out. If you decide that they’re wrong for any reason, or if you just don’t love them, we encourage you to send them back and we won’t charge you a cent.

Why not have a browse? Try out some cool glasses or sunnies using our fun Try On View technology, or maybe check out our amazing contact lens prices and service?

Every time you buy a pair of glasses, you will be helping us support the Change the View Project, a charity that gives sight, health, and protection to those around the world who do not have access to proper eye care.

Change the View has helped improve the eyesight of thousands by:

1. Providing prescription eyeglasses to both children and adults who cannot afford glasses

2. Distributing Vitamin A supplements to children under the age of 5 to ensure proper vision development

3. Protecting the eyes of those who are exposed to the harsh UV rays of the sun by supplying 100% UV protective sunglasses

If you would like to learn more about the Change the View Project visit: clearly.com.au/charity..